Friday, June 13, 2008

BFA | Offsite: Opening

The show was a great success, thank you to all who came. A special thanks to everyone who contributed their photography to the project.

A drawing I made back in Fall 07'. Initially, this was to be the focus of my entire installation. Instead, it ended up being hung outside the gallery by the elevators. It needed to be separated from the rest of my work because it was so much different from the Shared Urban Space Project.

Here I am still in sweat pants and sneakers before the official opening of the gallery. As you can see, the photographs were displayed in a single row that spanned the entire gallery space. This was over 100 feet of running wall space, and roughly 300 photos from the project were able to be displayed in this manner.

This is a nice shot of the postcard/print station. Here participants were able to select photos from the project and print them as postcards. Each photographers name, location of their photo and assignment number the photographer had completed were included on every photograph. Also included was the project's URL. This was another great opportunity to continue to create global growth for my project.

Michael Salter and Kartz Ucci checking out some of the photographs for the Shared Urban Space Project.

Here I am attempting to explain the project after having only a couple hours of sleep the night before and a few celebratory beers.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Print Station: Printer

Amazingly, the print station printer is working great. The postcards all have the photographer's name on them, the location the photograph has come from, the assignment number, and the Shared Urban Space url. As I have mentioned earlier, the hope is that the user will mail the postcard somewhere else in the world and the receiver will in turn, join the SUS community. I am building the user interface for this part of the project using Flash, and I've had to format each picture individually with its relevant information in Photoshop.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Removable Self Adhesive Paper

For the long, narrow strips of photographs that will go around my exhibition space, removable self adhesive paper seems like a viable solution for mounting the photos cleanly to the wall. Earlier in the year I did research on this paper for something else I had planned to do. The only problems with the self-adhesive: Will there be bubbles? Will the strips come out straight? Only time will tell... Below is a mock up of the adhesive line of photographs. I made this model about a month ago. The final version will have no space in between the photographs, and the images will be smaller.

HP Self-adhesive Indoor Paper

Monday, May 12, 2008

Print Station: Mounting/Displaying Monitor

Part of the SUS Project will be a print station, where participants are able to print off any photo in the assignment as a postcard. The idea being that whoever receives the postcard next will join the project. The print station utilizes a touch screen monitor and a printer, which prints on 4" x 6" paper. This monitor did not come with any type of structure for presentational purposes, so I have to build one. I am also looking into ways to mount the touchscreen monitor onto a wall.

An old podium someone built for this particular touchscreen monitor awhile ago:

The touch screen monitor:

Me messing around with some things in my studio:

A TV wall mount I found at Ikea (Possibly one of the better solutions).

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Archiving Photos: One By One

A look at the tedious process of archiving one photo for the Shared Urban Space Project. This process includes labeling a submitted photo with the photographers full name, and the location the photograph was taken in (city, country).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Current Look at Studio and New Projection Screen

Here is a recent snapshot of my studio space in the Millrace Studio complex. I have accumulated quite a few toys over the year, including TV's, old 35mm slide projectors, touch screen monitors and more. Not to mention a small army of models from all the different ideas I've had for this project over the year. Note the large mural that was at one point, the primary focus of my work.

Perhaps the most exciting recent development is this large data projector screen. It will be used for displaying the Shared Urban Space Project Photos in a slide show. The screen has a contemporary, slightly industrial look that will fit perfectly with the look and feel of the White Stag building.

Another look at the data projector screen. The small metal rectangular prism in front of the screen is actually a frame for a laundry basket I bought from Ikea. Originally, I was planning on using these for podiums for ten different slide projectors. Each slide projector was to be dedicated to one of the ten photo assignments. Now, I'm using the laundry basket frames as podiums for other parts of my project.